Entry #1

What the haps is as of 2/1/09

2009-02-01 22:04:53 by Rayos

Well, I'm working on multiple projects at once. Plus I have school, school projects and essays due. Later on I hope to submit a collection of demo's for multiple game and movie teasers. Clock tower the game is about 39% complete as far as the scripting goes. The biggest set back in the clock tower game for me is having to animate all of the different things that happen. You travel to different parts of the story depending on what you do. Your partners can die and you can see or avoid parts of the story all together.
Another Game I'm working on is kinda like I AM LEGEND. You play as a woman who goes back into an infested city to get her child back. There are no night seekers. JUST THE DEMONS FROM HE77!!!!
I also have one more but thaz a suprise... :)


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2009-02-02 00:21:38

18 and this busy your either fucked or the most interesting person in america(no sarcasim used)

Rayos responds:

Woah, I didn't know I got comments... Its been awhile... My computer was destroyed so... projects = dead. :p
I spent most of my time posting things on youtube recently. Thanks for the comment! ^_^